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‘Accelerated Growth’, a Leadership Training by Santosh Nair and Rajesh Tagore at Delhi

Around 1000 distributors of North filled the seats of the Sirifort Auditorium of New Delhi on 16 May, 2017 to attend one day leadership training program by Santosh Nair titled as ‘Accelerated Growth’. Santosh Nair ,  India's most successful Confidence & Motivational Guru, Entrepreneur Coach, Business Expert and Author shared practical insights on Network Marketing. He used discovery learning as a tool to educate distributors. Discovery learning is an inquiry-based constructivist learning theory where the learner find things out for themselves, looking into problems and asking questions. Such learning is well understood as it is discovered by self. He shared simple solutions for day-to-day problems of a network marketer. He shared his knowledge on various topics like sales, confidence, leadership, personal mastery, skill enhancement and others. He used anecdotes humor, and two-way communication in the session to keep the attention of audience intact.

This is followed by two day in-depth training by renowned professional trainer, Mr. Rajesh Tagore on 17th and 18th May, 2017. He covered spectrum of topics related to network marketing like prospecting habits, elevator speech, types of prospects, 18 transformational questions and many more. His 4 square approach to New Compensation Plan (NCP) has positively changed the mindset of distributors to earn more with NCP comparatively with old compensation plan. Topics like elevator speech and 18 types of questions were hit amongst the distributors. They were all excited to implement it immediately.

The leaders are happy and satisfied with the outcome of the training program. It has helped them to discover their strengths and weaknesses and overcome their fears.The knowledge imparted was practical and easy to replicate. They are excited to share learning of the training with their downlines. Skills of distributors are sharpened by this training and they will leap towards greater heights in their life. The training was very successful and many have demanded more number of such trainings for larger group of people.