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Tiens Success Seminar 4- April, 2017


Another 10th of the month arrived and Tiens family of India came together at 15 places to celebrate the success of one another. The theme of TSS 4 was ‘Dream big, work hard, believe big, earn big’ connecting all elements which are required to be successful.

TSS is a platform where hard work and achievements of distributors are celebrated. Distributors and leaders of various ranks were felicitated. This time Distributors with Gold and Platinum cards were recognized, Home Party participants were also recognized. Mr. Kevin Hou, President of APR shared a video message appreciating the diligent work of Distributors and motivating them to continue the same in the forthcoming months. He also mentioned that 100 cars are waiting for Indian distributors to be presented at India convention in November. This boosted the morale of anticipated car achievers to qualify for the ongoing Car Policy. A video on last TSS3 was played to recollect the journey of the rank achievers.

Home Party is being conducted in full swing all over India. Hence a video was dedicated to Home Party participants to showcase their enthusiasm and effort to promote Tiens in nook and corner of India.

TSS 4 was successfully completed in 15 places namely Delhi, Bokaro, Tirupur, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Bangalore, Khanna, Thanjavur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Silchar, Mumbai, Barpeta and Trivandrum. Amongst these Bokaro, Tirupur and Barpeta are few new places where TSS was conducted for the first time. More than 7500 Distributors attended TSS at various places. Recognition stimulates professional pride; TSS fills the air with happiness, enthusiasm, new hopes and dreams. A new kind of energy surrounds our distributors at the end of TSS and they are enthused to work positively to give outstanding results.