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TIENS Hyper Health Cup

TIENS Hyper Health Cup

TIENS Source of Health Hyper-H Health CUP, equipped with a micro-computer control chip, can supply electrical energy for the both ends of
electrolytic strip,
which will generate hydrogen-rich water. Since “hydrogen” is translated as “Hyper-H” in Japanese, “hydrogen water” is also named “Hyper-H water”.

Product Features:
H - Cup
1. Ti-coated Pt. Electrolytic Net: electrolytic hydrogen content is up to over 600ppb in 10 minutes.
2. Food-grade PC Material, safe to use.
3. Safe circuit with water-proof level 7 inside and level 5 outside.
4. Safe air pressure valve can exhaust gas automatically when the snuffle valve pressure is up to 1.5N.

Small, light and portable. Durable polymer Li-ion battery; convenient USB charging line.

The color of the RGB light inside the CUP can change from time to time in the process of electrolysis, which looks amazing.

Smart chip controlling: automatically detect if the volume and quality of water fit to reducing water.