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TIENS Joy Necklace

Tiens Joy Necklace care for blood pressure and cardiovascular health


Tiens Joy Necklace is compact and exquisite in shape, similar to the necklace. And it is a combination of health, technology and fashion, which can be used as a top gift to relatives and friends


Bio-electricity Phenomena

Any potential or current produced through living activities, including the potential of cell membrane, action, heart and brain. All the living activities are realized by these charges. When the body bioelectricity goes wrong, there come the pathologic changes.


Operation Principle

There are two chips in Tiens Joy Necklace. One is testing chip, Which is used to test if the bio-chip circuit connected properly and in a serviceable condition (machine self-checking process). The other one is treatment chip, which can be used to transform the weak unbalanced current into stable bio-current and then transfer the bio-current to the human body


A - Casing

B - Detecting pole

C - Regulating pole

D - Electronic Circuit Module

E - Battery

F - Indicator Light

G - Lanyard Eyelet

H - Sling


Tiens Joy Necklace care for blood pressure and cardiovascular health

Hypertension refers to the systemic arterial blood pressure (systolic and / or diastolic blood pressure) increased as the main feature (systolic blood pressure higher than 140 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure higher than 90 mmHg ), clinical with heart, brain and kidney function or organic lesion syndrome. Hypertension is the most common chronic disease and also the most important risk factor of cardiovascular disease.


Tiens Joy Necklace

Deliver true love to your sweetheart, give the best wishes to your relatives and give the omnipresent warmth to your friends. Tiens wishes you to be with love and accompanied by beauty and health.


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