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Tiens Health Mattress(Single)

New Sleep System Contributes to a Healthy Life
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One third of our life is spent on the sleep that serves as the easiest method to be healthy. During sleep, a large amount of toxins is expelled from lymph, liver, gut, lung and large intestine, and during this time the bone marrow also produces fresh blood. So a good sleep can help the internal organs adjust themselves and restore to normal functions. Tiens Health Mattress has adopted the theory from Huangdi's Internal Classics which states that ‘cold head and warm feet make a good sleep’.

Based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine and theory of main and collateral channels, Tiens Health Mattress includes Energy Stars ranging from 84 -156 depending on the size and type of mattress. These will effectively release the magnetic energy, infra-red energy and anions at the same time so that the body cells can be magnetized, charged and oxygenized. Tiens Health Mattress can balance the biological magnetic field of human body, relieve fatigue, improve sleep, boost immunity and complement other healthful functions.

A 24-hour energy supply, rest for body and heart in the sleep, easily good health can be achieved by Tiens Health Mattress.

It is made of unique 6 layers:

  1. Three-dimensioned Jacquard knitted fabric

  2. Anion acupuncture cotton

  3. Tiens energy star

  4. Cotton plain cloth

  5. Bamboo carbon fiber acupuncture cotton

  6. Cotton striped cloth



1. Adjusts the pH value of human body, improves the micro circulation, boosts metabolism and increases immunity.

2. Increases oxygen level in blood, strengthens enzyme system, vitalizes blood, eases pain and reduces swelling and inflammation.

3. Assists to balance blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar and cleans harmful substances from blood vessels.

4. Improves the functioning of the micro magnetic field of acupoints on the human body, calms nerves, boosts sleeping quality and relieves fatigue.

Recommended to those who

  • People who suffer from poor quality of sleep.

  • People who are not in best of health condition.

  • People who are eager to improve the living quality and productivity.


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