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TIENS Great Health Entrepreneurship Convention


TIENS Great Health Entrepreneurship Convention


TIENS Great Health Entrepreneurship Convention themed “Better TIENS, Better Life” was held in TIENS Group HQ on Mar 14, 2017.


Balloon release



Chairman Li delivers a speech


Adhering to “Healthy Society and Social Service” philosophy, this event connects with the Chinese culture & wisdom. There are more than 1500 participants and 170 plus volunteers attending this event for the fulfillment of shared dream: Growth, Change, and Health.


The audience sings the National Anthem together



Gathering for a shared dream


Chairman Li Jinyuan expects everyone to embrace the vision of the future in the health industry and seize the TIENS business opportunity.



The idea of “growth is the greatest wealth” from a reputable adviser won warm applause of the attending trainees. Several other advisers have also delivered exceptional lectures for the trainees.


The dream-filled colorful balloons are floating high. They would bring gratitude and love to all corners of the world and light up the lives of the public. Better TIENS, Better Life!


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