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Tiens Dicho Liquid Deterg

Advance formula to tackle stains and maintain the softness and shine of the fabric
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Tiens Dicho Liquid Detergent makes laundry chore easier by saving a lot of time and effort. This detergent is easily soluble, highly penetrating and tackles tough stains without much scrubbing or strain. It gives your fabric the best results at all times. Dicho Liquid Detergent keeps clothes clean, soft and lustrous because of its balanced pH and active detergent (AD). This liquid detergent is innovatively formulated with fabric softeners that smoothens the fabric and thus maintains the texture of the clothes.


Multiple benefits and features


  • Higher compatibility than detergent powder

  • Quick removal of stains

  • Color care

  • Soft and shine cloth

  • Safe for clothes and hands

  • Superior fragrance


Product usage

It can be used for all types of clothes. Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.

 Volume: 500ml