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TIENS Atmo Care Air Purifier Plus880

TIENS Atmo-Care Air Purifier multi-effect plus to give more clean air

Air purifiers have become one of the fifth essential appliance among household!

Haze outdoor is not healthy indoor air pollution cannot be ignored

Indoor air pollution is not just the flow of smog from outside but added with inhalable PM10 and PM2.5, other volatile alkanes TVOC gas, secondhand smoker, formaldehyde, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, furs from pets, and odor from kitchen waste and so on. Living in such environment is not healthy and cannot be ignored, thus air purifier is needed to stay healthy.

How to choose an Effective

Air purifier?

"Let the buyer beware"

The new national standard tells us that

a truly effective air purifier = high CADR + high Efficiency + Low Noise


The higher the value of clean air, the higher the purification capacity, the faster the purification rate, the greater the purification area.


The total amount of purification, high value, more pollutants purification, long filter life. In the national standard, the highest level of particulate matter CCM is P4, and the highest level of formaldehyde CCM is F4.

Energy efficiency rating

The amount of clean air generated by consuming the minimum power, the energy-saving effects. Particle purification energy efficiency > 5, formaldehyde purification efficiency >1 for the high-level efficiency.


When the purifier reaches the maximum CADR value, the corresponding volume. In the national standard, CADR>450, noise is less than or equal to 70dB.

The Atmo Care Air Purifier

Multi-effect plus Smart breathing, enjoy the fresh







Breathing air together but the fate different

The atmo care air purifier multi-effect plus to give more clean air

Three of the best along with low noise emission better than that of national standard

New national standard vs KJ880F-TQD26


Lower Noise

When CADR> 450, Noise requirement <70dB, Atmo Care Air Purifier top speed noise 65dB speed noise lower to 20dB. 

2 minutes superfast

Refresh indoor air

Exceeding the national high standard requirements.


1. Purification per hour = particle CADR value/Testing chamber volume 30m, 880/30=29.3 times.

2. Room Purification frequency (min/times)=60min/hour purification, 60/29. 3=2 min.

3. Clean air output per minute = particulate matter CADR/60 min, 880/60 = 14.6 = 15 m3. the above values in the experimental chamber volume: 30m, ambient temperature: (25+2) C; ambient humidity; (50+10) % RH and measured when the machine opened speed profile.

Multiple Properties smart purification air quality is visible

PM 1.0 Digital Display

Dust sensor imported from Japan, which can monitor particles up to PM1.0. stable after 6 seconds, 1 second response, monitoring the particle size range 0.3m m-10m m, a unique algorithm for measuring indoor air mass concentration of suspended particles.

Dual air Intakes

Dust sensor imported from japan, which can monitor particles up to PM1.0. Stable after 6 seconds, 1 second response, monitoring the particle size range 0.3m m-10m m,

a unique algorithm for measuring indoor air mass concentration of suspended particles.


Child Lock

Prevents children from accidents reducing the security risks. Note: Press child lock key

for 5 seconds to activate oe deactivate this function.


Auto-Power cut lids switch

While opening the air purifiers covers or the device is tilted more than 15 degrees when operation, it will automatically shut down.


Lights of four color display

Air quality indicator light: Blue (pm1.0≤100) green (101≤pm1.0≤200), orange (201≤pm1.0≤300)

Red (pm1.0≥300).


Five purification to

be more fresh

double filter double times purification experience


The first purification

It can filter out particles, such as human and animal hair, dandruff, cotton, etc.


The second PL.......'"'1

The polypropylene super fine fiber deodorized filter layer, remove the smell of smoke, toilet smell and soon.


The third purification

Activated carbon, which can quickly capture harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene and TVOCs.


The fourth purification

H12 level HEPA, efficient filtration of PM2.5, germs, allergens, etc., only allowcle an air to pass. The efficiency of filtration is high, and the flow resistance Is low, mean while the filtration efficiency of 0.1 micron and 0.3 microns is 99.998%.


The fifth purification

Anion refreshing components: The release of negative ions concentration of more than 2 million units (>2X10 ons / cm), effective antibacterial dust, cleans air at the same time generates more fresh moisture to reduce static electricity.


Intelligence control

The fresh air easily mastered

Let the fresh air welcome you home


Wi-Fi Connection

We Chat Control

Advanced Timing


Nice Air manager to monitor the room air timely Xiao tiantian reminder so cute


Caster wheels for

Easily moving

to be more convent

Caster wheels for 360°


Saving money is important

Running for 8 hours in the third gear only 3.14 INR