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Harvest Healthy Life, Dredge the Body Channels

According to the Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) theory,Block causes pain, no block no pain”. A pain on the body always indicates a blocked channel or a shortage of blood and Qi. Tiens Acu-Life Electro Acupuncture Apparatus uses pain-free method to clear the body channels to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, heal chronic ailments and prevent diseases.

Product functions and features

1. Acupoint probe: easily and accurately probes the acupoints. (Always use specialized hand point diagram)

2. Channel invigoration: by using electromagnetic waves to stimulate the acupoint and clearing the channels, this product improves blood circulation and metabolism and strengthens the immunity through magnetizing the body fluid.

3. Health care effect: improves the blood circulation, strengthens immune system and prevents diseases.

4. Adjustment: through hand point stimulation, those who are weak will be replenished while those who are over-nurtured will excrete.

5. Easy to use: proper understanding and usage of hand-points diagram makes this product easy to use for a family.

6. Portability: portable size makes it easy to carry, convenient and saves space.

7. Power saver: uses less power for longer duration.