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Teapoly Capsules

Your Body’s Rust Remover and Powerful Antioxidant
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Green tea is known for its health benefits from ages. Tiens brings to you the health benefits of green tea in the form of capsules. Cumulative effect of three phytochemicals present in the capsules makes it a best-said antioxidant, acting as a very strong free radical remover/destroyer. There are 20-30% of polyphenol compounds, about 30 types of it present in green tea. These chemicals even have the capacity to destroy cancerous cell.


  • Acts as free radical scavenger.

  • Contains ingredients which are 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

  • Helps in reducing risk of heart diseases.

  • Helps in reducing red blood cell breakdown.

  • Support body against respiratory and digestive infections.

  • Prevents oxidation process.

  • Reduces oxidative damage of cells.

  • Delays ageing on long term use.

  • Improves memory, helps in reducing cognitive decline.

  • Protects skin from harmful UV rays.

Recommended and suitable for

  • Adults and aged

  • People susceptible to Rheumatoid arthritis

  • People with high cholesterol

  • People susceptible to Cardiovascular problems and infections

  • People in need of support to immune functions of the body

  • People susceptible to Prostrate

  • People with alcohol and smoking habit

  • People susceptible to Osteoporosis

  • People with sensitive skin


    60 capsules per bottle      


    Recommended intake

    1-2 capsules daily after breakfast


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