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Positive Energy Music Cushion

Positive Energy Music Cushion

Body music therapy is a newly-emerging biological therapy based on modern music resources. Positive music can improve the functioning of nerve system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and digestive system, help our body to secrete one kind of active substance that is good for our health, and adjust the flowing volume of internal blood vessels and nerve transmission. Frequency and pressure of sound wave emitted by body music can resonate with our physiological reaction. The sound wave vibrates regularly with the rhythm of body music, producing a physical energy that can intrigue a harmonious resonation between our internal histocytes, which, through influencing our brain wave, heart rate and respiratory rhythm, consequently reduces our mental pressure and improves our sleep quality.


Product Introduction

Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion can turn high-frequency music we can hear to the 16-150Hz low-frequency vibrating sound wave our body can sense through audio equipment and send it into our body through our hearing and feeling systems. The wave resonates with our internal organs, organisms and cells, and relax and cure our body fast and deep, effectively relieving our physical and mental problems. As a result of good biological effects, viscera channels can be dredged, and our nerve system, immunity system and constipation system can also be adjusted.

Muladhara Chakra
In yoga, prevailing in ancient East India, our body is divided into 7 power centers. Those centers lie in a round circle, called Seven chakras.

Muladhara Cakra lies at the bottom side of seven, belonging to adrenal gland and influencing our vitality. It is also taken as safety and existence senses on mental side. Crimson is the color of this aura.

TCM Analyze of Perineum

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Muladhara Chakra is called Perineum, which is a vital acupoint of Ren channels and lies in the middle hollow between anal and genital. It is also where Yin Channels and Pulse intersect. This point goes straight to Baihui acupoint on top head which is the channel for vital essence. Baihui is Yang connecting to sky, and Perineum is Yin connecting to earth. Both of them live on each other and correspond to each other, in charge of Zhenqi running through Conception and Governor vessels, balancing Yin and Yang. As a vital acupoint, perineum takes charge of human vitality and needs to be well protected.

Precaution plus physiotherapy, Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion will surprise you with its magic of body music therapy.

Principle of functioning
Body music can stir the secretion of endorphin and other beneficial hormones, making people happy and ridding anxiety. With the music beats vibrating and impacting, body music can dredge the channels and propel circulation. Besides, while regulating emotion, it can also resonate with perineum area to dredge channels and veins, ridding blood obstruction of lower limps caused by long-time sitting and relieving chronic apocamnosis of white-collars, giving them satisfaction physically and mentally. Last but not least, body music can protect and cure prostatic disorders and other diseases of male reproductive system.

Product features

A. Vibrating Transducer
Adopt high-effective and low-frequency vibrating conducer, turn sound wave signal to some beneficial 16~150Hz low-frequency resonating power, send physical vibrating into our body. Through transmitting of bones, we can gain completely the music’s mega bass, rhythm, quality and on-the-spot sense, which makes us moved and refreshed.

B. Design of High-effective Philips Digital Low-Frequency Power Amplifier
Philips digital low-frequency amplification technology works to amplify
CPU-decoded audio type music and feed the audio signal output to earphone and vibrating transducer.

C. Perineum-shaped Triangle Structure Design
Adopt perineum-shaped triangle design, directly work on perineum, dredge internal pulse knot, propel the intersection and circulation of Yin and Yang, adjust physiology and reproduction.

D. Inserted Controller Design
Controller adopts inserted design and pops up only by a slight press. Moreover, controller is convenient to conduct even without seeing it, with dented control panel which fits perfectly people’s finger-touching custom. Wireless frequency-adjusting communication have been used between machine and its controller to facilitate the conducting.

E. SD card-inserted Audio Play
As controller, SD card also adopts inserting design and can pop up by a slight press, which is easy to put. The volume of SD card is 2G, which has been pre-set a wide range of well-organized music . The rest of the volume can be used to store your favorite songs and music in MP3 and WMA format.

Product Advantages

A perfect combination of science and arts, a double protection of physiology and mentality.
B. The small-size low-frequency transducer brings you all-round vibration feast of low-frequency music.
C. Thin and small-size, portable and vogue design, perfectly fit for human shape.
D. Compatible with many music types, more human and best hi-fi audio effect.
E. Unique new-concept product, a supplement of product supply, increase brand value and advance product technology.
F. Separate control on music and vibration, on-demand adjustment to your satisfaction.

1. In order to reach the best performance of biological resonation, please listen to music while feeling vibration
2. 30 minutes for each therapy (one music prescription)

Recommended to those who
1. Sit for long time in the office and lack of exercises
2. Have bad sleep and more dreams, look forward to improving sleep quality
3. Are anxious and nervous and depressive, desirable to relaxing
4. Want to protect reproductive system, especially for those male prostatic disorders
5. Are suffering from constipation and haemorrhoids
6. Are suffering from hyperactivity and study tiredness
7. Can not control their appetite
8. Want to lose weight
9. Are suffering from high blood pressure