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Multi-Functional Fridge Purifier

Enjoy the freshness all the time

Your Refrigerator is not your “Safe”

The low-temperature storage function of refrigerators does not include

“Sterilization”. Instead, it merely slows down bacterial reproduction.

Some psychrophiles survive at 0 to 5 C or even lower temperatures.

Inside the refrigerator are many pathogens invisible to naked eyes

(Including E.coli, aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus) which exist

in food, vegetable, fruit, evaporators, vents and partitions. These bacteria

are impossible to be eliminated by detergents. Moreover, disorderly

Storage of food boosts the probability of cross-contamination and the risk of

food poisoning. Every year sees toxic symptoms occur to patients of

diarrhea, vomiting and fever who eat the food directly fetched from


Rationale of Multifunctional Fridge Purifier

Inserted with a microcomputer control chio to provide electric energy

for the ozone and anion generator, the Multi-Functional Fridge Purifier

has the generator produce ozone and anion to eliminate bacteria and

abnormal odors. The product is equipped with three modes, each

dedicated to a different condition, making it easier for users. Small,

Portable and Easy to operate via one key, the purifier keeps refrigerators

hygienic and eliminates bacteria in such confined space as shoe cabinets and


Placed in the refrigerator, the multi-function fridge purifier generates ozone and anion to remove bacteria and odor, sterilizes and extends the shelf life of food, vegetable and fruit, and keeps the storage space clean with fresh air.

Introduction to Ozone

1. A well-recognized, highly efficient and green bactericide;

2. Penetrating through bacterial membrane to damage DNA/RNA

and tissues and thoroughly eliminate the bacteria;

3. Over 99% rate of eliminating E.Coli, Candida Albicans and

Staphylococcus aureus;

4. Strong oxidizability to quickly decompose organic or inorganic substances

(which generate odor and other smells) and generate oxygen and water, without

secondary pollution.


Introduction to Anion

Anion, also known as “active oxygen” or “Vitamin in the air”, is an

indispensable substance to healthy life like sunshine and air. Research suggests

that the amount of anion in the air stands as a key factor in determining air

quality. Apart from dust removal, sterilization and air purification, a proper

amount of anion in the air can activate oxygen molecules to lung function,

metabolism and disease resistance. In addition, a certain amount of anion

can adjust the central nervous system and bring high spirits and vitality to the

user. Anion is widely applied to medical treatment, health care, air purification

and other fields.