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Mega OPP at Hyderabad


On 12th June 2017, Mega OPP was conducted at Hyderabad in the Auditorium of Centre for Economic and Social Studies. The top leaders came forward to conduct the OPP for more than 150 participants. The OPP began with a video demonstrating the rich profile of the company. Open Plan Presentation was conducted by Mr.P.Sankar Rao(GL). Mr.Vuggu Venkateswarlu (BL) explained about company’s philosophy and NCP. Mr. Abdul Nabi (BL) and Mr.R.Srinu (SL) shared their successful journey in Tiens. The currents trends of network marketing, importance of duplication of techniques and Srilanka Policy was explained by Mr.Kishore Kumar (GL). The program ended with motivation speech by Mr.SK.Kareem Basha (SGL) and Mr.Ganta Venkateswarlu (SGL) who inspired many with true anecdotes of their lives.

New prospects were very excited and motivated with the program. It created positive momentum in the market. The success of the event is evident by continuous demand for more such mega OPP program across India.

2017/12/21 3:27
Advantages of network marketing business

•  You can do it part time.
•  In my 15 years career, I have seen hundreds of people who earn more income                                  
        from MLM than their full time job.
•  I have seen many people become wealthy including me during the same period.
•  MLM business provides ample opportunities for students, housewives, retired persons, senior citizens
        as well as people with special needs to earn a decent income.