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Leadership Training by Santosh Nair and Rajesh Tagore


Leadership Training by Santosh Nair and Rajesh Tagore

‘Leadership is a responsibility not a privilege’. This is a quote of Mr. Santosh Nair, a renowned corporate trainer and inspirational speaker who was amidst 700 distributors of Guwahati branch on 29.3.17 to teach them how to succeed continuously and consistently in the business. He educated them on many topics in an entertaining and simple manner which they could understand easily. He shared his self-story to teach them to dream big, overcome fear, set right goal with correct timeline, etc. He shared anecdotes from real life to inspire others as nothing motivates people than real examples. He is known to ignite fire in people and so he is nicknamed as ‘Nair on Fire’. This time also he succeeded in igniting the fire in distributors of Tiens to be more powerful and successful leaders.

This was followed by two day workshop of Mr. Rajesh Tagore, an expert in Network Marketing Training on 30th and 31st March in Guwahati at Hotel Royale De Casa. He elaborated on impactful and powerful leadership and selling techniques. Various topics explained by him were conversion of difficulties into opportunities, paradigm shift, 4E’S of a professional networker- examination, experience, education and ethics, success pentagon, types of prospects, elevator speech, handling customer attitudes, evolution of networkers, etc.

Rajesh Tagore captivated the audience by combining education and entertainment. It was filled with humor, interaction, games, activities like brick breaking session and dance and lot of fun elements. Live demonstrations of ‘18 types question for a prospective client’ was very impressive. It was a valuable and good learning experience to all participants. This workshop has transformed our distributors into more confident network marketer. Leaders and distributors are geared to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this workshop to gain visible results in the business.

Similar workshop was also organized on Kolkata on 5.4.16-6.4.17. More than 100 distributors attended the workshop.

Mr. Sushant Sharma, Area Manager-East welcomes Mr. Santosh Nair

Mr. Santosh Nair inspiring others with his story


Mr. Santosh Nair explaining to convert negative into positive


The participants at the training

The workshop by Mr. Rajesh Tagore at Guwahati





The workshop by Mr. Rajesh Tagore at Kolkata