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Tiens Group Collaborates with S.H.T Healthcare on Medical Health Projects

Focusing on the theme of a stronger partnership for a brighter future in medical health industry, a signing ceremony between Tiens Group and S.H.T Healthcare Group was conducted at TIENS International Banquet Center on June 14th, 2017. The venture kicks off a new chapter for Tai Ji Sun healthcare in assisted reproductive along with stem cells, telemedicine and many other technologies.

Signing ceremony of Tiens Group and S.H.T Healthcare Group

S.H.T Healthcare Group has profusely technical strength in the introduction and integration of domestic and international advanced medicine resources, as well as in the field of assisted reproductive and stem cells techniques. It is committed to the development of promising high-end medical and health industry based on National Research Center for human stem cell engineering.  


Management staffs from the two companies attended the ceremony

The collaboration has charted key points for their future development in assisted reproductive technique, stem cells, telemedicine, early cancer screening and many other areas of medical and health projects. It also laid a foundation for achieving a greater future. 


Chairman Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group and Mr. GuoZhirong of S.H.T Healthcare Group shook hands for celebrating the collaberation


2017/12/21 3:22
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