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Gymnema Tablets 850mg

Your Solution for Diabetes
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There is an exponential growth of diabetic patients worldwide year after year. Type II Diabetes has become a global epidemic. Tiens Gymnema Tablets contains active ingredients from the plant Gymnema sylvestre with natural ant-diabetic ingredients- gymnemic acid, chromium picolinate, etc. The Latin name Gymnema Sylvestre means "sugar destroyer" and is considered as herbal aid to combat high blood sugar. It aids in managing blood sugar level within the required range.



• Helps diabetes people in reducing sweet craving.

• Promotes regeneration of beta cells.

• Increases insulin production by pancreas.

• Lowering serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

• Reduces intake of insulin or oral compounds on long term usage of these tablets.

•Prevents development of diabetes related health problems.


Recommended and suitable for


  • Type I and type II diabetic patients

    • Those with family history of diabetes

    • Women with gestational diabetes history

    • For persons whose weight is over 20% of the optimal body weight

    • People with high blood pressure

    • People with abnormal cholesterol levels

    • Older people

    • Alcohol users & smokers

    • People prone to infections


    120 tablets per bottle                    


Recommended intake


2 tablets each time twice daily, 1 ½ hrs before food


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