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Vegetable and Fruits Purifie

Germicide of the Nature, Guarantee of the Healthy Life
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Harmful chemicals present in the food and other substances have detrimental effect on our health and Tiens Dicho Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner acts as healthy life protector to safeguard us from negative impacts of these chemicals. Tiens Dicho Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner effectively removes toxicants like pesticides/fungicides residue, bacteria, hidden fungi, hormones, sand, wax, dirt, grime, oils, etc from fruits, vegetables, rice, seafood and meat due to strong sterilizing effect of ozone. Ozone is a strongly-oxidative substance, which can quickly destroy the biological structure of bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms. By using ozone, there will not be any harmful residues left in the water, food, kitchenware, as ozone is superior antimicrobial agent and outmatches other fungicides. It purifies air by eliminating harmful gases and thus helps us to live healthy and safe life.



  • It eliminates pesticides residues and other harmful substances on fruits and vegetables.

  • It dissolves hormone residues and other impurities in meat and seafood.

  • It kills bacteria and prolongs the freshness of fruit and vegetables.

  • It sterilizes cutlery, milk bottles, cookware, children feeder, towels and clothes.

  • It provides better health and beauty as taking shower and washing face and feet with ozone water can kill bacteria, virus and fungus, boosts blood circulation, activates cells and speeds up metabolism.

  • It sterilizes indoor air, deodorizes and refreshes the air, as well as prevents the emergence of infected diseases.

  • It can remove harmful odors from paints, furniture and composite flooring

  • It removes unpleasant odors in the fridge and disinfects it to prolong self-life of the products.
  • It sterilizes the aquarium, increases its oxygen content, prevents growth of parasites, stops tail-rotting disease and keeps the fish healthy.