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Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)

Good Friend for Women
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Airiz Sanitary Napkin is a skin friendly (soft and ultra-thin), hygienic, super absorbing, easily disposable with strong leakage protection napkins. International advanced dual core technology of active oxygen and negative ion are organically combined to grant you double care and double comfort. It can be absorbed rapidly by skin to effectively develop the circulation function, activate the skin cells and accelerate metabolism. Airiz Sanitary Napkin with effective anti-bacterial property helps to prevent UTI, cervical cancer, dysmenorrheal, bad odor and other gynecologic diseases.

Eliminate skin irritation, rashes, itching, infections, bad odor and stains with Airiz Sanitary Napkin and be comfortable and clean during periods.



  • Size is 330mm
  • Overnight protection with unique side leakage system
  • A lengthened design with super water absorption and water retention property can give you all-round protection and grant you sweet and sound sleep.


Content: 8 pads/package


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