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Airiz Panty Liner

Good Friend for Women
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A panty liner is similar to sanitary napkin, but a little lighter, thinner and used to soak light discharge. Tiens re-introduces Airiz Panty Liner with ultra-thin design and powerful water absorption capacity. It has silky soft cotton surface layer which absorbs quickly while ensuring comfort and hygiene. Additionally, it is embedded with active oxygen & negative ion chips, which aids to prevent gynecologic diseases, improves blood circulation, enhances immunity, sterilizes and eliminates odor. It’s so thin and flexible that you forget you’re wearing one! It protects your lingerie from staining and helps you stay fresh all day long.


  • Ultra thin design and powerful water absorption capacity.

  • 5 layers of protection.

  • Active oxygen and negative ion chip reduces bacterial infection and other gynecologic diseases.

  • Eliminates odor and keeps you fresh all day long.

  • Safe, comfortable and convenient

    Product usage

    It is a good option for women to consider at the beginning or end of menstrual period. It is ideal for daily discharge, spotting, light menstrual flow or as back up for internally worn products like tampons. 

    Content: 30 pieces/package